Cribbage is one of the best card game since seventeenth century, still maintaining its stability and standard over the generations and entertaining them well on the board.

How to play : Cribbage.

Cribbage is a card game in which player have to simply discard and play , dealing is the main part of the game and a portion of luck matters as well , as deck of 52 cards is being used and its rank from highest to lowest

Highest to lowest ranks of cards: K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8,  7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A

The objective of the play is to score 121 points as early as possible and the first player to score 121 points will eventually be the winner. There are three different stages of the game play the deal, play and show. In each stage player have to play and score more points to win the game. Initially player who chooses the smaller card will win the deal and distribute six cards to each player and if both player draws the same card then it will be a draw and this step will be repeated again. Two cards from each player will be face down to the crib whose points will be gained in the end of the game as the number of sequence and faces made. Now in the play both players having the four cards each will make their moves and make sum upto 31 as if first player puts 6 and then another player putting 6 then it will be 12 as the sum as it will take upto 31 , player cannot go over 31 as it can be referred to go or the count will reset to 0 zero. Face cards are counted as 10 and other having same value and Ace as 1. There are number of ways to earn points as pairs will make you earn points and getting a sum of 15 will add up more points to your score card. Show is the last stage of the game as it is the play when finished as it is the time to calculate the score and crib with the number of hands made. Each round calculates its score over the board and each round will move the board arrows and the one who reach 121 points earlier will eventually win the game.


  • Fifteen : 2 points
  • Pair : 2 points
  • One for his nob : 1 point
  • Pair royal( 3 of kind) : 6 points
  • Double pair royal (4 of kind) : 12 points
  • Run : 4 points
  • Flush Four Cards: 4 points.